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Our business is based on a great experience of our employees. To guarantee the highest quality of our services and rapidity of operation, the Robotronic team continually improves skills and competences. Therefore we do our jobs and tasks in very proffesional way.


We specialize in developing of high-quality programs for industrial robots and objects, including machines based on PLC controllers. In a field of robotics we offer our services in a complex way including cell simulations, off-line prgramming (OLP) and on-site commisionning. With use of PLC programming we provide also virtuall commisionning of whole robotics cells. In our project we focus mostly on ABB, Kuka and Fanuc industrial robots and on Siemens S7 PLCs. The off-line programming of robots is performed with Robcad and Tecnomatix Process Simulate software. The list above represents only a portion of our capabilities - we are flexible and can adapt to Customer's specific demands and standards.

Off-line Programming

We are mostly focused on off-line programming of both: industrial robots and PLCs. This gives us an opportunity to develope set of programs and start-up documentation for devices, which will be assembled or mounted in a destination place in a future. Usage of Virtuall Commisionning lets us perform functional test and optimisation in our firm. This radically reduces project's time needed in Customer's area.