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Our great experience gives guarantee of high quality and quick realisation of tasks. The Robotronic's employees have participated in many project in area of robotics and industrial automation.


The Robotronic firm focuses mostly on automotive industry. We've participated in commissioning, upgrading and programming of hundreds of industrial robots by main car manufacturers (such as Opel, VW, Skoda, Ford, Volvo, Porsche...) in whole Europe. Our main tasks in projects were:

  • robotic cell's simulations
  • off-line programming according to various standards of Customers
  • virtual commissioning
  • on-site commissioning of robots
  • cycle time optimisations


Below is a list of some projects in industrial automation field:

  • managing and monitoring of production line timing system
  • commissioning of production line of electric scooter
  • performance test station of electric scooter
  • station for application of sealing band to car parts
  • emblems assembly station